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About Pumpcrete™

Do you have a job site that is inaccessible to a conventional concrete mixer?


Don’t haul the concrete by wheelbarrow. Call Essex Concrete Corporation (1-800-CONCRETE/266-2738) and request a concrete pumper. With this powerful tool you can move yards of concrete over inaccessible ground within a short amount of time and in hard to reach places.

  • 38 meter vertical reach – 123’ / horizontal reach – 108′

  • 47 meter vertical reach − 150′ / horizontal reach − 135′


Additional Systems are Available Upon Request.


Boom length as shown above is a vertical reach. Subtract approximately 15 to 20 feet to determine horizontal reach beginning at the front bumper of pumper.



Requirement  *** 17 foot clearance from all power lines***

Pumpcrete Capabilities.png
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